1930 Szomański Wright 200 HP, Fokker F VII

Producer (type)Szomański, Poland
Propeller No.3100
Production Date10-04-1930
Engine Wright 200 HP
Used onFokker F VII

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Polish factory Szomański, Warsaw. On exhibition of Lot Polish Airlines memorial hall (2014).

Construction. The propeller lamination consists  most likely of several wooden plies. The outboard length of leading edge and whole prop tips covered by brass sheathing, whole propeller covered by black Tokilaque coating.

Aircraft and Engine. Propeller was powered by 200 HP Wright engine (Whirlwind). It was possibly applied on Polish built (by Plage Laśkiewicz) Fokker FVIIm3 as an original equipment or most likely replacement one. There is no information if the propeller was used on one of LOT Polish Airlines or Polish military Fokker FVII aircraft.


1. Mariusz Wojciech Majewski, „Przemysł Lotniczy w Lublinie 1919-1939”, Z.P. Grupa 2009

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