1939 Schwarz Propeller, Hirth Engine, Klemm L25 / L26 Aircraft

Producer (type)Schwarz Propellerwerk, Germany
Propeller No.?
Production Date?
EngineHirth 60 HM R, 80HP
Country of OriginGermany
Used onKlemm L25

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About the propeller, The propeller was produced by Schwarz workshop, Berlin. The propeller is fitted with a metal name plate, typical only for some light power Schwarz propellers from late 30ties / early 40ties. Original Schwarz decals remained.

Construction, The propeller is covered by fabric. The outboard length of leading edge had brass sheathing.

Aircraft and Engine, Klemm L25 aircraft was powered by  Hitth HM R engine, 80HP.

Klemm L25

Klemm L25 aircraft, Schwarz propeller. Source: aviadejavu.ru

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