1928 Plage Laśkiewicz, Potez XXV propeller

Producer (type)E. Plage T. Laśkiewicz, Poland
Propeller No.65
Production Date1928 - 1932
Pitch1730 - 2010
Diameter2905 mm
EngineLorraine Dietrich 450
Country of OriginPoland
Used onPotez XXV

About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Polish factory Plage Laśkiewicz in Lublinie. Most likely one of the few props produced for own aircraft production – in this case Potez XXVA2. Private collection.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 10 ash plies. The outboard leading edge of approx. 600 mm (measured along diameter) had aluminum sheathing. Originally the propeller was covered by black Tonkilaque coating (coating service was almost for sure subcontracted to Integrale/Szomański manufacturer).

Aircraft and Engine. The propeller was used for Polish built Potez XXV. The propeller was working with 12-cylinder in-line engine, Lorraine – Dietrich 12 Eb, of 24,4 l cubic capacity. The engine was most likely license built by Polish Skoda factory.


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