1942 Dowty Rotol blade of Hawker Hurricane MK. I, II, IV

Producer (type)Dowty Rotol
Propeller No.46866
Production Date1942
Pitch variable
Diameter3250? mm
EngineRolls Royce Merlin
Country of Origin Great Britain
Used onHawker Hurricane


About propeller. The propeller was quite probably produced at one of the Dowty Rotol dispersal factories near Manchester in September 1942.

The blade was purchased at Duxford by an aviation enthusiast from Orpington, UK in mid 70ties, Found its way to French owner, who sell it again at Le Bourget, September 2009. Now in private Polish collection.

Construction. The blade was made of Jablo material (Spruce or Douglas Fir sandwitch) covered in Rotoloid with brass leading edge sheaths (outboard 1010mm). Blade is 1604 mm long.

Aircraft and Engine.The blade was used in Propeller Types RS5/3 and RS 5/11, which were three bladed used on Hurricanes Marks I, II, IV.  Other propellers used on were Hamilton Standard.

1. Typy Broni i Uzbrojenia, Samolot myśliwski Hurricane Mk. I, Adam Jońca, Warszawa 1978.


Hawker Hurricane MK. I, Rotol airscrew.

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