1921 CZL Warszawa, Austro Daimler

Producer (type)CWL Centralne Warsztaty Lotnicze, Poland
Propeller No.
Production Datebetween 1921 and 1925
Pitch240 cm
Diameter270 cm (marking partly legible)
EngineAustro Daimler
Country of OriginPoland
Used on

About the propeller

The propeller was produced by Warsztaty Centralnych Zakładów Lotniczych in Warsaw. Polish aircraft manufacturer.


The propeller lamination consists of nine ash plies. Diameter of propeller is about 270 cm and the pitch is 240 cm. The propeller has not metal sheathing on leading edge.  The propeller is covered with clear varnish. There is characteristic red and white decal with CZL logo on a blade.

Aircraft and Engine

Unfortunately we do not know for which aircraft the propeller was intended. Marking on the hub says that engine was from Austro-Daimler family. Those Austrian six-cylinder, liquid cooled engines (90 to 225 HP) were widely used before and during W. W. I period.



  1. Morgała „Samoloty wojskowe w Polsce 1924 – 1939” (Polish military aircraft 1924 -1939)

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