1920 CWL Sopwith Strutter

Producer (type)CWL Centralne Warsztaty Lotnicze, Poland
Propeller No.???
Production Date1921
Diameter2650 - by markings
EngineLe Rhone 110 HP
Country of OriginPoland
Used onSopwith 1 1/2 Strutter


About the propeller. The propeller was produced by Polish workshops CWL, Warsaw. Currently in possession of Technical University of Warsaw, presented inside MEL Building. Visible inscription dating back to 1928.

Construction. The propeller lamination consists of 7, ash plies. Propeller coating showing natural wood structure. Missing lamination was restored.

Aircraft and Engine. Initially Sopwith Camel was suspected as a the aircraft the propeller was built for. However, according to Polish Wings 22, Stratus 2017, The only Camel used by Polish Army was equipped with Bentley Vickers BR1 engine, morover during the crash aircraft was powered by a british propeller.  Partial markings SO(P?)… remained may indicat in this case Sopwith Strutter aircraft (with 99% probability). The propeller was working with 9-cylinder rotary engine, Le Rhone 9J. Engine cubic capacity – 15 litres, 110 HP.

Thanks go to the bequickorbedead.com website, which made this identification possible.


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